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Regulators Get Down To The GRAM After Strangled Libra

With zero price dynamic over recent days, causes unpleasant Deja Vu among market participants. A steady decline below $8K may become an obscene...

Latest Bitcoin ETF Application Rejected By SEC

It is pretty safe to say that from the regulation perspective, we have not received any favorable outcome when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The...

The Corn And Ethanol Report 10/15/19

Bank Earnings Today China Playing Possum Good Morning! We kickoff the day with at 7:55 A.M., FED Speech at 8:00 A.M., Consumer Inflation Expectations...

Is The Trade War Good For Gold And Will We See $1600 Prices?

Gold is back to flirting with $1,500, with crossing that territory and bowing out before Monday’s settlement in New York. , meanwhile, has...

The Energy Report: Oil Market Wild Trading

Oil is in need of some Prozac. Mood shifts in the oil market are becoming more violent and increasingly lack any trend. Prices spiked...