NZD/U s _dollars: Recent features to verify fleeting – MUFG


Of them at MUFG Lender expect more Retain Lender of cutting edge Zealand (RBNZ) supplying an additional speed minimize today and not just delay until Security and look forward to the NZD to actually damage compared to Usd. 

Chief Quotation:

“The RBNZ has been successful in their attempts to weaken the NZD. The 75bps of rate cuts delivered this year have resulted in the NZD losing around 5% of its value against the USD and retesting the lows from the summer of 2015. The NZD has recently staged a modest relief rally driven by optimism over a US-China partial trade deal and the global growth outlook. However, we expect recent gains to prove short-lived.”

“The RBNZ is poised to clip the kiwi’s wings in the week ahead when we believe they will deliver another 25 basis point rate cut. At their last policy meeting, the RBNZ clearly signalled that there remains scope for more monetary stimulus if necessary. It has expressed concern over ongoing low inflation which remains below their 2% target mid-point, and slower growth during the 1H 2019.”

“We look forward to the NZD to actually damage as a result within their psychological and biological another speed made of the RBNZ. NZD/U s _dollars is temporarily examining chief assist by the 55-day relocating normal at 0.6346. A critical collapse below could open further negative back over the September crash at off the 0.6200-level.”

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