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trading point company
Company Name Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd.
Website Address
Country Cyprus
Year Established 2009
Regulation Trading Point Of Financial Instruments Ltd, Cyprus Regulation: CySEC License No. 120/10; FSA UK #538324
Pip spread on majors Varialble spread, from 1 pip on EUR/USD
Maximum Leverage 1:500


Discussion on the following:

Transparency and honesty: that there must be other comment?
Suspended transactions: Comment deal, technical problems, etc..
Characteristics of the trading platform: The quality of the server,ط¢آ  , etc..
Company registration: Is the company registered in any regulatory body, or a bank license, etc..
Financial services: the companyأ¢â‚¬â„¢s response to a request to withdraw the money.
Customer service: are they efficient and willing to help on any issue?
Honest: Did they delivered what they were supposed to?
Trading Execution: evaluate slippage, requotes, etc.
Platform Features: Platform capabilities such as trailing stop, OCO orders, one click dealing, etc.

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  1. Janiter

    Great broker, easy to deal with and customer representative is accessibleأ¢â‚¬آ¦.
    Enjoying very fast execution and its consistency, I have not yet experienced delays in my ordersأ¢â‚¬آ¦

  2. radi

    no problem with withdrawals. I’ve only wish the lower spreads.

  3. radwan

    30 minutes past of Non-Farm still not able to open a single trade! lots requotes and etc… Bad broker

  4. Tony

    I opened an account , I deposited $ 1000, i Made good profit, Time to withdrawal they said :
    The transactions carried out by you were aiming at exploiting price latency arbitrage opportunities on the Companyأ¢â‚¬â„¢s trading platform etc..

    I know other traders had the same thing with them,
    Finally I did not get my money from them. company company
    I do have all evidence that proofs my case !

  5. jojo

    big company they take me from stocks to open accunt with him then i have lost all my fund , bad pltform requotes requotes requotes

  6. hugo

    I do not like the fact that Trading Point dont have instant execution


  7. Chris A. Zacharia company

    Chris A. Zacharia (( trading point support )) company he post scompany company in other fx forums

  8. omar japry

    I called them and they guaranteed my price I was very happy and they told me we always guarantee the price even in crazy times they are the best. I also met the staff they all professionals.

  9. mat j

    no fraud. I highly recommend this broker.

  10. Thomas

    Not a good broker, the support not good, and the spread is high too, so they are company , one website low spread but on platform company

  11. trading point company

    huge spread compare to other brokers

  12. suad

    I consider the broker as really good, as I have traded a bit with the company.

  13. Lee

    Market Execution when I saw the advertisement I did not believe.VERY happy with trading point.

  14. Monsor

    I tried scalping,, so I contacted customer service on different occasions…and I am satisfied with them overall.

  15. john

    I am very happy so far with the service and the fact that they are now saying that there will be no cost to deposit or withdraw

  16. bassmouth

    I’m very happy with this broker

  17. lara

    I have used them for about 8 months now, and have had no issues with them

  18. zian

    trading point is a very good broker

  19. Williams

    Trading Pointأ¢â‚¬â„¢s support very quickly., great customer service, fast withdrawals. I use their MT4 platform with no problems

  20. Norm

    good for newbie to know how to trade forex

  21. lina

    Characteristics of the trading platform: bad ! they say from my network
    Company registration: i see yes
    Financial services: good
    Customer service: good
    Honest: yes
    Trading Execution: requotes some time
    Platform Features: good

  22. ayad

    Trading Point is the best. I cuurently trade with this broker and have no problem at all. no requotes

  23. raj

    Trading point has a very fast execution which makes it easy for scalping style

  24. mohmmad

    high recomanded good broker

  25. ahmad

    only they are marketing department try to write such comment like you did…and yes they are BIG company

  26. sofi

    2 months no any problems with this broke

  27. lona

    I have been with Trading Point for the last 3 months and they are GREAT

  28. khalil

    this is one of the best broker i have come across.

  29. jack

    I have used Trading Point now for 8 months. I have never had any problem with them

  30. Jolo

    sacam Bonus !! they did not give me any bonus

  31. tmali

    I have account with Trading Point I make withdrawal 2 times to moneybookers no problem.

  32. platforum test !

    I have been trying Trading Point’s demo account. i see bad platform

  33. adel kaledy

    I’ve tried many but this is the best.

  34. ziolowf

    I didn’t find any problem yet . Withdrawal is fast and always within 1 day

  35. rami

    I have experience with this company for 3 months , thay are company

  36. odai

    Trading Point is very nice

  37. Manuel

    Ive tryied,, fxpro, easy-forex you basically name it; I trade around the clock and together with FXCM this is the only broker Ive experienced with no requotes and I mean no requotes; its just not words, easy forex they freeze trading when news come out, requote, requote requote, requote, fxpro same story; up now good with trading point

  38. jihad

    I’ve been in forex for nearly 2 years now. I was with FXCM,Albari and other. In all this time I have never found before a broker which is so good with EAs.

  39. Zemen

    I do not like the fact that they have market execution instead of instant execution. Yes there are NO REQUOTES with market execution but since I do not trade often because I am travelling all the time, I prefer instant execution because I do not use scalping neither news trading.

  40. lotfy ghali

    I had many experienced with some company broker. I have to say “Do not trade with this broker. Stay away.”

  41. grand

    ask them to sent me the bank wire receipt, I found the Beneficiary Name is actually wrong! One of the letter should be ‘i’, they write it to ‘l’, so the money delay more than 2 days. I already sent the Complaint Letter to FSA UK and CySEC

  42. Sam

    I have tried them on a demo account and their spread is 4.2 pips on EURUSD !!!

  43. bad broker

    i advice not any person trade with this company company ,its a real company broker ,stay away

  44. Chris

    trading point very good broker service, and no re-quotes

  45. Wilkens

    company broker, bad execution, not recommend this broker

  46. jin

    I am on my 2 week with them, satisfied so far!

  47. jobran

    I’m having extremely hard time to withdraw my money back from this broker. Every time they come with some so called “our policy”

  48. Sheraz

    Opened an account with Trading Point , Im able to share good feedback as they donأ¢â‚¬â„¢t do requotes most importantly and I can say they are quite professional. Paypal worked fine for me customer service is quick.

  49. Arthohin

    This broker has cheated on me so many times even at very first they already cheated on me, they did not give me the bonus, I asked them about it and they said bonus is coming in several days coz they were having problems..!!!!so even after I deposit alredy still no bonus ?

  50. Tala

    very and and broker, I cant imagine why they ever exist until now they should have been put down even before..
    Do not open an account with this broker, they are company

  51. Thank you

    trading point honest broker which have never requoted any of my orders

  52. douglas

    I’ve been trading with since December 2010 and Im more than happy,

    Withdraws and all the procedurals are very, very smooth.

  53. mona tyran

    This broker has so many good company, I don’t know where they are coming from !!! i think same company company by this team

  54. ahmed tohamy

    company … you will not get any withdrawal from them ..take care

  55. Tim

    I maintain a micro account with Trading Point since Dec 10 and Im pleased with overall service I am receiving. Support is helpful, although some times slightly slow due to large volume of customers I assume

  56. joly

    I read all of these great things about this company on the internet and I don’t know where they are coming from. It is terribly hard to withdraw any money from this company. I wish some of the company about the problems traders are having with withdrawals were posted when I started with them. I would have run the other way and you should to….TAKE YOUR CASH AND RUN

  57. Dave

    I dont recommend this company, they have DD

  58. rock

    Trading Point is a company .You will not get withdrawal

  59. Piphunter

    I made some profit trading with tradingpoint and they did not pay me even my deposit..and they are CYSec regulated also they have bad name all over the internet. only their marketing department try to write such comment like you did…and yes they are BIG company. not recommend them.

  60. anonymous

    i really don’t like this broker. their services very bad. take very long time to reply an email. withdrawal also take until 5 days. live chat also so suck. always no respond. i recommend don’t use this broker

  61. manda

    I made profit trading with them,when i asked to withdrawal to see how they are in withdrawal, they disabled my account and they refused to send me my money, ALSO, their marketing people go to all website trying to write good company about them 🙁
    I wouldn’t recommend them, no transparency !

  62. Naomi

    When I first read about the no re-quotes policy and that they provide news trading and allow scalping, I was very very skeptical as all this does sound too good to be true.


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