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hfx scam


Company Name HFX Global Ltd
Website Address
Country British Virgin Islands
Year Established 2009
Regulation Not regulated
Pip spread on majors 2 pips on EUR/USD
Maximum Leverage 1:500




Discussion on the following:


Transparency and honesty: that there must be other comment?
Suspended transactions: Comment deal, technical problems, etc..
Characteristics of the trading platform: The quality of the server,آ  , etc..
Company registration: Is the company registered in any regulatory body, or a bank license, etc..
Financial services: the company’s response to a request to withdraw the money.
Customer service: are they efficient and willing to help on any issue?
Honest: Did they delivered what they were supposed to?
Trading Execution: evaluate slippage, requotes, etc.
Platform Features: Platform capabilities such as trailing stop, OCO orders, one click dealing, etc.


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  1. turki

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    تم بحمد الله صدور حكم قضائي على شركة hfx وتم وضعها في القائمه السوداء لشركات الأحتيال والنصب وذلك بعد ثبوت تورط الشركه في عمليات نصب واحتيال على عدد كبير جداً من العملاء والمستثمرين وقد احتوى الحكم على ثمانية نقاط رئيسيه تعددت فيه الأحكام على الشركه المذكوره واليكم رابط الحكم في المنتدى الأجنبي


    تاريخ صدور الحكم 29 / 8 / 2013


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