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exness information
Company Name أ¢â‚¬ع¾exnessأ¢â‚¬آ¬
Website Address www.أ¢â‚¬ع¾exnessأ¢â‚¬آ¬.com
Country Russia
Year Established 2008
Regulation EXNESS LLC (OOO “ط°آ­ط°ع‘ط°طŒط°â€Œط°â€¢ط°طŒط°طŒ”), Russia EXNESS (NZ) Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand Regulation: The Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) in Russia.License #1421.
Pip spread on majors form 1 pip on EUR/USD
Maximum Leverage 1:1000


Discussion on the following:

Transparency and honesty: that there must be other comment?
Suspended transactions: Comment deal, technical problems, etc..
Characteristics of the trading platform: The quality of the server,ط¢آ  , etc..
Company registration: Is the company registered in any regulatory body, or a bank license, etc..
Financial services: the companyأ¢â‚¬â„¢s response to a request to withdraw the money.
Customer service: are they efficient and willing to help on any issue?
Honest: Did they delivered what they were supposed to?
Trading Execution: evaluate slippage, requotes, etc.
Platform Features: Platform capabilities such as trailing stop, OCO orders, one click dealing, etc.

If you’ve traded forex with this broker, please leave a review here.


  1. Nimrod

    Good broker, deposits and withdrawals are very fast but the order is placed a little too much residue on the market … their support line is excellent.

  2. James

    nice live support but in less time there. i think they are will be the best

  3. Dan

    I am using this broker thanks to my strategie of bought and hold works very well

  4. Indonesia

    EXNESS is BAD Brokerage, the spreads is Fantastic but it often get Higher during fast movement sometimes 5 – 15 pips. Beware if you using this, I use this broker and planning becoming IB but this condition make me think twice.

    Also my Stop Loss Often trigger missed 0.5 – 6 pips. This broker actually the BAD broker I have ever used

  5. Yong

    I have used exness broker 7 months excellent

  6. khled omran

    bad broker .. spread on eur/usd in normal times is 1.1-2.9 not 0.6-1.2 . bad excution and many off REQUOTES and many no connection

  7. muna

    I recommend EXNESS for every types of traders,

  8. chi

    i must said EXNESS is a bad platform, i use it one year,

    no auto withdraw it delay more, at first time,withdraw is quickly, now it is slow

  9. fadi

    I just like to give my thanks to your services. I have been trading using Exness

  10. hicham

    i use this broker from 2009 is the best broker for scalping my account numbr is 2715 from the first accounts ntill now i trade with exness

    the support is good

  11. bad bad

    they are DD bad bad broker

  12. alex

    BEWARE OF EXNESS!!!, they are a big fraud company

  13. Reuben

    i do not has any problems with exness .

  14. Neeraj

    Quick execution. Leverage, spreads and ect. are very good.

  15. jhon

    exness big information 3 months open account

  16. Alex

    i think they can be trusted

  17. Perth

    Beware of Exness! they are informationmers! Do not trade with they are informationmers!!

  18. Sameh

    To my mind, exness is one of the best brokers in Eastern Europe.I like to trade oil, which they offer with tight spreads

  19. Rubel

    I have chosen to close my account with exness because i have been consistently losing money

  20. exness information

    exness information.. I have deposited about 13000, then i did not get my fund

  21. Bop

    The spread of exness is the tightest ,it is a real great forex broker

  22. gorg

    trade with exness since 1 years, no problems, no one. big swap, ,they are better than a lot of others more known.

  23. Anandan

    Exness is a cheating broker and make many big spread in trading, not right as they stated on website. We should highly care with them. Evenly when high volatile market, they also cut the transation on server making many loss

  24. jan

    I stayed with EXNESS because of very low spreads and margin requirements

  25. Stefan

    Im not sure which exness you guys are using but Exness has dd

  26. Josh

    exness Good broker, very fast execution!!!

  27. lorans

    exness is a big informationmed. their target is to wipe out the client equity. and they do it very

  28. andrew

    information broker demo exness different at real account

  29. Anna

    Excellent for withdrawl bad broker for scalpers

  30. amad

    I tested this broker 8 monthv realy they are information

  31. Mohamed Jobran

    Exness is very fine company.They are honest

  32. king

    best broker and you can withdraw your money faster

  33. Stephen

    WARNING !!! thy are information About their automaic withdrawal

  34. Chiradeep

    information requotes problem with paltform Exness is information !

  35. hell

    requote . Almost never get a buy or sell sent through right away , hell broker

  36. ghandi

    They are better than any forex broker in Russia!

  37. manar

    they are informationmer fraud by my credit card

  38. frindly

    exness is a big informationmed. their target is to wipe out the client equity

  39. Ethan

    good server on demo accnt and bad server on live account ,

  40. Ethan

    Requotes requotes , not a single trade without requote

  41. Neeraj

    i know they are fast support and fast withdrawl , but they are information market maker – market maker who earns money on the losses of the traders

  42. jana

    Best broker for professional traders

  43. jhonny

    exness good webdesign , bad for trading

  44. kinda

    Veri quick withdrawal and trading server is working good also!

  45. shahid

    Good people working there and very much helpful

  46. mark

    I like EXNESS services and I like trade forex.

  47. typean

    if you account earn money, exness should use every trick to deal wth you.even it modify game rule for specified profit, this is a bad broker

  48. rodo

    good broker, fast support . The problem is that they don’t have webtrading

  49. anas

    Exness is the best borker untill now

  50. adel

    I’ve been trading with them for more than half a year, everything is ok by 2

  51. ali maroq

    EXNESS is a fantastic broker.

  52. HIB

    Exness is one of the perfect broker and can’t be compared with others when it comes to spreads and withdrawl.

  53. Hannes

    Today someone withdrew my money from my account without my request !!
    I am still in the process of getting my money back . They are not giving reasons or explanations so far

  54. saman

    Requotes are just permanent. Everytime I try to close my position, it requotes and eventually I close it in loss.

  55. marwan

    As with my own experience Exness is a good broker with spreads and bonuses that I like. Never probblems with withdraval and very helpful people working there

  56. Babusalam

    Deceitful broker would not recommend to anyone. I paid my account for twice the money and disappeared. Two weeks after the letters were not credited. Damage caused and not paid

  57. traq

    Highly recommended broker for scalpers!

  58. flash GM

    I am on Forex for a long period of time and all the time I trade with Exness.

  59. Mohaamed

    I am trading with them around 4 months.Fast execution and withdrawal. I get my $5000 in several seconds

  60. Stefan

    Staffs not doing their jobs. Got cheated on the swap charge which was their staff’s fault

  61. T-H

    Very bad broker: a lot of Valid Prices, Requotes. And THERE ARE NO automatic withdrawals

  62. othman

    I have achieved about 150% profit with EXNESS (P-1 deposit of $ 1000), but when the clouds did not allow me and the reason is that there is an error

  63. tony

    This a very good broker. Very fast withdraw. very first requotes.

  64. Phil

    Exness are a information , reduce bonus ,can not withdraw profit .

  65. shadi

    I would definitely recommend this broker for scalpers. Very low spreads

  66. jado

    Iأ¢â‚¬â„¢m dealing with this broker, everything is convinient for me for the present time.

  67. frank

    Very fast withdraw using digital currency ,Registration easy ,Good live support

  68. bad gold

    I do not like EXNESS spread on gold

  69. Ely

    Trading with EXNESS is good. No complains. No regrets. No bad experience.

  70. Hussin

    After wearing the broker to 2 months, almost every day MT4 loses the connection to the server, several times a day. Use on different machines and the same big problem.


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