accent forex ranking

Company Name AccentForex – Butenix Capital Ltd
Website Address
Country Seychelles
Year Established 2010
Regulation Not regulated
Pip spread on majors 0.8-2 pips on EUR/USD
Maximum Leverage 1:500


Discussion on the following:


Transparency and honesty: that there must be other comment?
Suspended transactions: Comment deal, technical problems, etc..
Characteristics of the trading platform: The quality of the server,ط¢آ  , etc..
Company registration: Is the company registered in any regulatory body, or a bank license, etc..
Financial services: the companyأ¢â‚¬â„¢s response to a request to withdraw the money.
Customer service: are they efficient and willing to help on any issue?
Honest: Did they delivered what they were supposed to?
Trading Execution: evaluate slippage, requotes, etc.
Platform Features: Platform capabilities such as trailing stop, OCO orders, one click dealing, etc.

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  1. one of the few brokers which can be proud of its transparency. around two years I have been trading I do not notice any technical problems with the server or with delaying in money transactions. they hasn’t got a lot of different regulatory bodies but that doesn’t mean much-many worse brokers has the long list of them

  2. very-very good broker. I finally started to earn on forex with them and now I’m totally sure that honest broker is one of the most important thing in trading among the strategy and calculations

  3. my fav broker now. I requested already 3 bonuses on my account and tnx that my total profit $3,000 and it’s already on my credit card. I guess it is the best compliment for broker’s company

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