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ompany Name 2wayfx
Website Address
Country Cyprus
Year Established 2007
Regulation Not regulated
Pip spread on majors 2 pips on EUR/USD
Maximum Leverage 1:500



How we rank the Broker ? Discussion on the following:


Transparency and honesty: that there must be other comment?
Suspended transactions: Comment deal, technical problems, etc..
Characteristics of the trading platform: The quality of the server, the response speed of Medicine, to support more than one language, etc..
Company registration: Is the company registered in any regulatory body, or a bank license, etc..
Financial services: the companyأ¢â‚¬â„¢s response to a request to withdraw the money.
Customer service: are they efficient and willing to help on any issue?
Honest: Did they delivered what they were supposed to?
Trading Execution: evaluate slippage, requotes, etc.
Platform Features: Platform capabilities such as trailing stop, OCO orders, one click dealing, etc.


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